Download e-book for iPad: Ancilla to Pre-Socratic Philosophers: A Complete Translation by Kathleen Freeman

By Kathleen Freeman

This ebook is an entire translation of the fragments of the pre-Socratic philosophers given within the 5th version of Diels, Fragmente der Vorsokratiker.

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E. the womb) is productive of the male, and for this reason men are swarthy and more powerfully built 3 and more shaggy. 68.

Hear, first, the four roots of things: bright Zeus, and life-bearing Hera, and Aidôneus, and Nêstis who causes a mortal spring of moisture to flow with her tears. 7. (The Elements): uncreated. 8. And I shall tell you another thing: there is no creation of substance in any one of mortal existences, nor any end in execrable death, but only mixing and exchange of what has been mixed; and the name 'substance' (Phusis, 'nature') is applied to them by mankind. 9. But men, when these (the Elements) have been mixed in the form of a man and come into the light, or in the form of a species of wild animals, or plants, or birds, then say that this has 'come into being'; and when they separate, this men call sad fate (death).

The organs of sense perception) which are scattered throughout their limbs, and many are the miseries that press in and blunt the thoughts. And having looked at (only) a small part of existence during their lives, doomed to perish swiftly like smoke they are carried aloft and wafted away, believing only that upon which as individuals they chance to hit as they wander in all directions; but every man preens himself on having found the Whole: so little are these 52 things to be seen by men or to be heard, or to be comprehended by the mind!

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Ancilla to Pre-Socratic Philosophers: A Complete Translation of the Fragments in Diels, Fragmente der Vorsokratiker by Kathleen Freeman

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