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By Ian Breakwell

From Amazon: "An Actor's Revenge is among the masterworks of the fashionable jap cinema. Visually wonderful, with one of the most inventive widescreen camera-work ever obvious, the movie exemplifies director Kon Ichikawa's self description: 'I was once educated as a painter and that i strill imagine like one'. How Ichikawa transforms a melodramatic story right into a overall cinematic event is vividly analysed in fellow artist Ian Breakwell's sympathetic research. An Actor's Revenge tells the unusual tale of Yukinojo, a 19th century Kabuki girl impersonator who employs his theatrical abilities to deceives and ruin the retailers who triggered the dying of his mom and dad. Ichikawa's movie is a remake, thirty years later, of Teinosuke Kinugasa's 1936 box-office spoil, utilizing an analogous actor, Kazuo Hasegawa, within the dual roles of transvestite Yukinojo and virile thief Yamitaro. What could have been a trifling gimmick proved an encouraged stroke of casting. Breakwell acclaims Hasegawa's twin functionality as one of many cinema's maximum monitors of appearing, within which the hugely synthetic conventions of eastern theatre are mobilised in a blinding play at the mysteries of id and sexuality."

This isn't the world's top test (you can see a part of the scanner's hand from time to time), however it is a readable replica of this hard-to-find e-book until eventually a certified experiment comes alongside.

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