David Wiedemer's America's Bubble Economy: Profit When It Pops PDF

By David Wiedemer

ISBN-10: 0470089024

ISBN-13: 9780470089026

ISBN-10: 047175367X

ISBN-13: 9780471753674

America’s Bubble economic climate is the 1st ebook to target a number of simultaneous monetary bubbles which are interacting to briefly boost—and eventually threaten—the usa and global economies. packed with specialist research and immediately speak, this ebook will allow you to flip the arrival fiscal transformation right into a once-in-a-lifetime wealth-building chance.

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Good question. They do it for one simple reason: to keep the value of our dollar high so we can continue buying lots of their exports. Here’s an even better question: Where would we be right now if China and Japan had not bought up almost $2 trillion of our cash? What would the dollar’s value be if they hadn’t stepped in and propped it up? And more importantly, what will happen to our dollar when they stop propping it up? Exactly when China and Japan will quit buying massive amounts of our dollars is hard to say (as of this writing, Japan has stopped at least temporarily, and is letting China pick up the entire burden), but this much you can count on: Anytime a nation’s currency (or any asset, for that matter) has to be bought up in huge numbers in order to maintain its value, that is prima facie evidence of a bubble.

All it takes to get a bubble off the ground is for a few people to act as if something is growing in value, even when there is no underlying economic justification to support that growth. In time, additional people—not wanting to miss out—join in, further inflating the bubble. Soon critical mass is reached and nearly everyone wants a piece of the action, further driving up demand and therefore the price. Artificially elevated asset values can continue for quite a while as long as everyone keeps playing the game.

Moments later, you are handed another dollar, and then another, and then another. After a while, your bundle of cash becomes too bulky, so you place it on a table, as more and more money is added to the pile. At $8,000, your stack of tightly packed one dollar bills would tower over your head, almost reaching the ceiling. Very impressive. At $8 trillion, your stack of dollars would tower more than 800,000 miles above the Earth—more than three times the distance to the moon. Even in today’s global economy, I think we can agree that $8 trillion is one serious IOU.

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