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For several months, his cousin Elsa Einstein took care of him. In 1919 Einstein divorced Mileva and married Elsa. He became a stepfather to Elsa’s two daughters. That same year, two British scientists confirmed Einstein’s general theory of relativity. They had observed a solar eclipse. The moon passed in front of the sun and blocked the sun’s powerful rays. When this happened, the scientists could see the light from faraway stars. They noticed that the starlight seemed to bend when it passed the sun, just as Einstein had 29 Einstein and his second wife Elsa, left, pose for a photo in Washington, DC, in 1922.

Hundreds of people packed lecture halls to hear him speak. Crowds cheered for him. Most people did not understand his theories, but they wanted to get a glimpse of this famous man. Next he traveled to England, France, Austria, Spain, and Japan, among 31 other countries. In 1922 The Nobel Prize Albert Einstein won the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics. he learned he had won the 1921 Nobel Prize The Nobel Prize gets its in Physics. The prize name from Alfred Nobel, a was not for his work on wealthy Swedish inventor.

Rewrite the meanings in your own words. Then use each word in a new sentence. Surprise Me Chapters Three and Four explain several of Einstein’s theories about space, time, and matter. What ideas did you find most surprising? Write a few sentences about each one. Why did you find them surprising? 45 GLOSSARY atomic bomb patent a weapon that uses the splitting of atoms to create a powerful explosion a legal document that gives an inventor all rights to his or her invention atoms tiny particles that make up all matter physics a field of science that deals with matter and energy and how they act upon each other compass a tool with a magnetic needle that points in the direction of north solar eclipse when the moon temporarily blocks out the sun gravity the force that attracts objects to each other matter anything that has weight and takes up space 46 theory an idea that explains why or how something happens LEARN MORE Books Krull, Kathleen.

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