Download PDF by John Kricher ; illustrated by William E. Davis, Jr: A neotropical companion : an introduction to the animals,

By John Kricher ; illustrated by William E. Davis, Jr

ISBN-10: 0691009740

ISBN-13: 9780691009742

ISBN-10: 0691044333

ISBN-13: 9780691044330

Tropical climates and ecosystems --
Rainforest constitution and variety --
How a rainforest features --
Evolutionary styles within the tropics --
Complexities of coevolution and ecology of fruit --
The neotropical pharmacy --
Living off the land within the tropics --
Rivers via rainforest --
Introduction to the Andes and Tepuis --
Savannas and dry forests --
Coastal ecosystems : mangroves, seagrass, and coral reefs --
Neotropical birds --
Deforestation and conservation of biodiversity --
Appendix. "And hello, let's be cautious out there."

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